About Aerial Events

Comprehensive Aerial Solutions - from manned to unmanned aircraft, fixed wing or rotary wing, we will connect you with the best aviation experts out there for the job.

At Aerial Events we are apply our network in aviation to bring you the best consultancy experience possible, whether it being going for a helicopter scenic flight, aerial crane work, charters, drone work needed required, we will connect you with the best experts for the job to be carried out safely & professionally. Our broad involvment within aviation over the years enables us to converge any task in the field with the best proffesionals out there.

Some of the popular industries on the market:

Helicopter or fixed wing charters - helicopter or aeroplane
Scenic flights - helicopter or aeroplane
Agriculture - drone
Filming Industry - drone or helicopter
Industrial applications - drone
Property marketing or inspections - drone
3D mapping - drone
Flight schools - drone/helicopter/fixed wing

For any inquiries you might have, please feel free to contact us, and we will happily assist.


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